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Welcome In!

We are still open!

Our office is following WHO and CDC protocols. We have stepped up our ALREADY rigorous disinfecting procedures to do our part to minimize spread of ALL illnesses, like the more deadly flu A and B.

Your part:

  • Wash hands upon entering and exiting the office.

  • -OR- use hand sanitizer located at the front desk or any room.

  • Call in if you are sick, have a fever, consistent cough, shortness of breath, chills and sweats.

  • Be rational and use common sense and use great hygiene outside of this office.

  • Do not panic buy soap and toilet paper– everyone needs these things to prevent the spread as well.

  • Stay hydrated, get infusion IVs, rest, maintain a good diet and exercise – these are ALL immune boosters.

Our part:

  • We are disinfecting surfaces, door handles, bathrooms every hour throughout the day.

  • Every treatment room is disinfected after every patient (customary practice)

  • Providers are wearing new gloves for every treatment, even when not dry needling.

  • Fielding all concerns from patients with regards to our policies and practices to ensure education.

  • We will perform tele-health medical visits if you are sick.

  • You will NOT be charged if you cancel due to illness.


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