Chiropractoc is a health care discipline and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, including manipulation of the spine (chiropractic adjustment), other joints, and soft tissues. The purpose of manipulation is to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile – or restricted in their movement – as a result of a tissue injury. Tissue injury can be caused by a single traumatic event, such as improper lifting of a heavy object, or through repetitive stresses, such as sitting in an awkward position with poor spinal posture for an extended period of time. In either case, injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes that can cause inflammation, pain, and diminished function for the sufferer. Manipulation, or adjustment of the affected joint and tissues, restores mobility, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allowing tissues to heal.

At Physical DImensions, we offer alternative and conservative services for pain management and movement dysfunction. We expand beyond the traditional chiropractic model by complementing manipulation with additional modalities in a more extensive treatment session.  Expect a personalized experience focused on you and your condition.  We don’t want to be the only clinic that you see, but the best clinic that you see.

What sets our Chiropractic treatment apart:

  • Holistic Approach

  • 1-1 care with our doctors of chiropractic

  • Collaborative care

  • Injury prevention

  • Excelling Athletic Abilities/Exceeding Prior Athletic Performance

  • 20-40 minute treatment sessions

  • An individualized plan of care 

  • Managing complex cases

For those of you who have not worked with a DC in the past, here is a short list of reminders/expectations to allow for an effective visit:

  • Please wear clothes that are comfortable and loose fitting (gym clothes and tennis shoes work best) as this allows for easy access to skin and allows for a better assessment of your ability to move.

  • Chiropractic care requires manual (hands-on) treatment such as soft tissue mobilization, passive range of motion (PROM) and stretching to improve your outcome.


Improve your Mobility and Function.

Movement is life.

Our Techniques

Chiropractic Services and programs include but are not limited to:

Drop Table

The table “drops” or “breaks away” as pressure is applied by the chiropractor to the affected area, allowing the joint to move in a specific way to restore joint motion. 

Spinal Decompression

A non-invasive treatment to ease pain or irritation. This treatment addresses pain in the spine when it's compressed, which stops blood flow to the affected area.


This technique uses a spring-loaded, hand-held mechanical instrument, which allows chiropractors to provide a quick, low-force impulse at specific points.


A system of analysis that allows the chiropractor to specifically determine the area of the spine potentially subluxated in the patient's spine or extremities.


 The technique is gentle and uses a non-forced procedure to take pressure off the spinal nerves that may be injured from a bulging or herniated disc.

Extremity Manipulation

A highly skilled manual therapy technique used to relieve pain and restore motion, circulation, and nerve conduction to and from the spine as well as other joints.



Chiropractic methods include but are not limited to:


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