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About Dr. Foster

Sydney strives to use the most up to date clinical research to effectively treat her patients. Her number one focus after treatment is patient education. She wishes to provide her patients with tools and strategies to utilize outside of the office to give them a better quality of life; whether that be a daily mobility routine, a proper ergonomic set up for work, an improved warm-up before athletics, or suggestions for dietary changes. Sydney strives to use a holistic approach for treating musculoskeletal conditions, addressing every aspect of ones health for optimal improvement. This includes but is not limited to: musculoskeletal health, movement, diet, and stress modulation.  


Having had the pleasure of working with a wide array of athletes throughout her young career, Sydney has found joy working with young athletes on the field. These sports include but are not limited to: professional volleyball, minor league baseball, wrestling, marathon, kickboxing, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. Sydney has also coached club sand volleyball, which helped develop her keen awareness for the needs of highly specialized young athletes. Through her many clinical rotations, she has developed another interest in breathing and foot biomechanics. This is important not only for athletes, but for the daily activities of us all

Sydney grew up in New England until she was 16 when her family moved her out to Colorado. She remained here for school and attended the University of Colorado- Boulder. She then moved to Oregon to pursue Chiropractic school where she enjoyed everything the Pacific Northwest had to offer. When out of the office, she enjoys sand volleyball, tennis, and snowboarding. When not doing something active, Sydney enjoys reading, cooking, listening to podcasts, and finding new events/coffee shops to attend in Denver. All recommendations are welcome!

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Image by Joyce McCown


  • Undergraduate:

    • B.A. Integrated Physiology from University of Colorado Boulder

  • Graduate:

    • Doctorate of Chiropractic - cum laude, University of Western States 

    • B.S. - cum laude, Human Biology

    • M.S. - Sports Medicine

  • Certifications:

    • Functional Dry Needling Level 1

    • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization A


  • Breathing and foot biomechanics


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