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Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy Supermarket Supplements

Trying to get healthy and thinking about taking a supplement to boost your results? It may seem like a somewhat simple addition to your daily routine, but the quality of your supplements matters! Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Supermarket Supplements:

  1. Supplement companies are not required to be federally regulated.  Many times the supplements do not contain what the label says it contains.

  2. Supplements are generally packed in large warehouses where cross contamination can occur.  Food allergy sufferers beware.

  3. Most of the distribution companies do not understand the mechanism of action for their products. They can’t tell you why you should take each particular supplement.

  4. It becomes a price competition as opposed to what you actually need.  If Vitamin “X” is 70% off this week but you actually need Vitamin “Y”, nine times out of ten people will go with Vitamin X thinking it is going to be just as helpful.

  5. Evidence Based Research is “King”.  A legitimate nutrition company will have done their research and will have a why and how for your nutritional needs.  They will also be willing to subject their own products to testing and double blind studies to prove their efficacy.

Before agreeing to take supplements I would strongly encourage you do research as to why you need a particular supplement.  Please use an accredited source like PubMeb over Wikipedia or “Dr. Google”.

Designs for Health, the product line we carry and trust, fully guarantees that our products are produced utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing. Each product is evaluated and monitored for quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Specifically, they guarantee that every Designs for Health nutritional supplement:

  • Contains only qualified, superior raw materials

  • Meets required specifications for quality and purity

  • Is evaluated and monitored for potential contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological organisms (Designs for Health packaging is also monitored to ensure against contamination)

  • Is analyzed to confirm the quantity of all dietary ingredients, thereby ensuring the consistency and accuracy of our label claims

  • Is manufactured at FDA inspected facilities with stringent internal quality control procedures and documentation systems that conform to one or more of these industry standards and/or certifications: NPA (Natural Products Association), NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), OTC (Over the Counter Drug GMPs), TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration), and the requirements of the FDA Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

One great supplement that most everyone should be taking is a B-complex. Designs for Health creates a great product, B Supreme, which includes all B vitamins (B12 included). The modern refined diet, high in sugar, alcohol, and devitalized foods, leads to lower levels of B vitamins. Stress and many medications may also lower B vitamin levels. While B vitamins have mainly been researched individually, they also have therapeutic power when taken together.


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