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Platelet Rich Plasma

About Platelet Rich plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a higher level regenerative injection procedure using your own body’s platelets to initiate repair and regeneration. Orthopedically, it is used as an augmentation for healing post-op, Osteoarthritis (OA) treatment and cartilage thickening, for tendon or ligamentous pathologies and tears, and SI pain. Non-orthopedically, we often use it to thicken the scalp to promote hair growth. For more information on that, click here.


PRP contains a high concentration 5-7x the normal concentration) of platelets in your blood per milliliter (mL). These platelets degrade to release multiple growth factors to initate healing and regeneration and to provide a collagen matrix to allow the body to lay down more collagen to repair. It’s been known as the “glue” for torn tissue.

When used for Osteoarthritis in joints, the PRP initiates chondrocytes to produce more cartilage cells, thus buttressing degraded and worn down cartilage.  

PRP requires a blood draw prior to the procedure. It will then be centrifuged at a specific high speed and vibration to separate platelets into the plasma and the plasma away from the remaining blood cells. Then the platelet-rich portion is drawn out with a syringe away from the platelet-poor portion. The platelet-rich portion of the plasma is then injected into the tissue to be treated. 


PRP has been useful for moderate grade injuries and can be treated 2-3x for severe cases and pathologies. PRP requires injections less frequently than Prolotherapy or HA, but may be used in conjunction with other regenerative injections for best outcomes.


PRP has been very effective at delaying joint replacements and can be used as a maintenance injection every 6-9 months for severe arthritis and up to 18 months for mild arthritis


Healing time and post procedure protocols are more extensive and restrictive than with Prolotherapy (approx 4-6 weeks of individualized restrictions).


As always at Physical Dimensions, our procedures are highly researched and our patient management is set to provide the absolute best outcome and effectiveness.  We choose what conditions we feel will have the best outcome, as well as guide the patient to pre-procedure therapies to prepare the tissue to be in the best state it can to regenerate with PRP.


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