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Cortisone Joint Injections

About Cortisone (STEROID)

Steroids can be an effective tool to reduce inflammation.  However, Steroids can weaken and atrophy tissue and when used improperly, degrade cartilage. It is a tool to help us help you address the reason why you have the inflamed area in the first place.  IT IS NOT TO BE USED AS THE SOLE TREATMENT.    

Steroid injections are used to treat:

  • Swollen or painful joints

  • Swollen and inflamed tendon sheaths

  • Swollen and inflamedbursas

Steroids, or corticosteroids, are an anti-inflammatory agent used to treat inflammatory pain due to arthritis, bursitis and synovitis/tenosynovitis. The hydrocortisone is injected directly into the painful joint, bursa or tendon sheath accompanied by a numbing agent.


Most Common Joints Injected with Steroid:

  • Shoulder (both the AC joint and the GH joint)

  • Wrist 

  • Thumb

  • Hip 

  • Knee

  • Ankle

  • Midfoot

Most Common Bursas Injected with Steroid:

  • Shoulder 

    • Subacromial/Subdeltoid

    • Subcoracoid

    • Subscapular

  • Elbow

    • Olecranon

    • Epicondylar

  • Hip 

    • Lateral Hip (Trochanteric, Subgluteus Medius, Subgluteus Minimis)

    • Anterior Hip (Iliopsoas)

    • Posterior Hip (Ischiogluteal)

  • Knee

    • Anterior Medial Inferior (Pes Anserine)

    • Anterior Superior (Suprapatellar)

    • Lateral (IT Band)

    • Anterior (Prepatellar)

    • Anterior Inferior (Infrapatellar)

  • Ankle

    • Posterior (Retrocalcaneal)

    • Posterior Heel (SubQ Calcaneal)

    • Medial (Medial Malleolar)

  • Foot 

    • Plantar Side (Metatarsal)

    • Big Toe-BUNION PAIN (1st Medial Metatarsophalangeal)

    • Toe area (Intermetatarsal)

Most Common Tendon Sheaths Injected with Steroid:

  • Bicipital  (Anterior Shoulder)

  • Dequervain’s Tenosynovitis (Posterior Wrist Thumb Side)

  • Hand/Wrist Flexors and Extensors

  • Pes Anserine (Anterior Medial Inferior Knee)

  • Medial Hamstring (Posterior Knee)

  • Achilles (Used sparsely for it’s paratenon)

  • Medial Ankle Tendons (Posterior Tibialis, Flexor Hallucis Longus, Flexor Digitorum)

  • Interdigital (In between toes)

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